We are pleased to present our Buzzing Ordinals collection.

The collection has been designed with respect for traditional ordinal culture.

We want to offer a product that is both respectful of the BRC-20 ecosystem, the dominance of Bitcoin and the cypherpunk mentality.

The reference to the mosquito represents our mentality.

We want to be disturbing, pungent, constantly multiplying and expanding everywhere.

Just like the mosquito, we want our collection to proliferate, disturb and bite.

Join us and be part of the ordinal culture with Buzzing Ordinals.

Our collection consists of 5804 NFTs combining originality, bright colors, urban spirit and graphic art.

Each coin is a one-of-a-kind digital work of art with proof of ownership stored on the Bitcoin blockchain.

We want to build a community around our underground ideas, meet to discuss on Discord or Telegram.

We are all lovers of crypto, NFT and art in general.

Join the horde!


Our collection was born from individual eggs.

Each model is unique and has been designed in such a way that its owner is proud of it and does not particularly wish to resell it.

We NFT are works of art intended to last over time, and to be preserved like real paintings.

More than an art, Buzzing Ordinals is a state of mind


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